Edin G.

Hi there. My name is Edin, I am Bosnian and I live in Turkey. This year I will finish my secondary school. Last autumn I begun researching about my future university life. Just then, I realized that none of the highly ranked universities in Turkey does not accept YOS (Yabancı Öğrenci Sınavı), which I believed I would take. Suddenly, I was facing SAT, an exam I had no clue about. My fears got even worse after I took a couple of sample SAT online tests.

Although my English was good, it was far below what’s needed for SAT. Even math caused me problems because I was not familiar with terminology. It was late November already and I had only two months to catch up with the early applications for universities. Short research on the internet led me to Turk Abroad. The agency was relatively close to my home which was very important for me. I couldn’t waste time commuting for long hours. At that moment I didn’t know anything about Turk Abroad, I was just hoping I made the right choice.

Mr. Timur Kuban, agency director, assessed my case with utmost care, quickly developed course plan and helped me with SAT application. He managed to fit in 9 English and 5 math classes before my SAT exam in January 2016. Both, my math and English teachers, were doing their best to get me prepared in such a short time. They provided me with additional materials so I can practice at home too.

As a result, I passed the exam and made my university applications on time. Last week I received acceptance letters from two highest ranked Turkish universities, Koç University and Sabancı University. I am even offered a 50% scholarship. This couldn’t be possible without support and coaching I got from Turk Abroad, Mr. Kuban and my precious teachers there. They made the dream come true for me. 

Thank you.

Edin G.Öğrenciİstanbul, Türkiye

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